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As women owning back our power starts with making peace with parts of ourselves, past pain and letting go of belief systems we have been carrying for so long. We carry in our DNA the heritage from our lineage and ancestors too. What we are here for is to transmute all those energies that we no longer want to vibrate in and to be able to embody our highest expression.


This is a process and a beautiful journey at the same time. Because our expansion is limitless. There for , we will constantly learn more on our inner power, inner gifts and ways to expand as beings, vibrate higher in different ways and expand in different directions.


My vision for us female entrepreneurs and leaders of today is to bring you to were you can start owning and harnessing that power within you to slowly, by impacting your own life start impacting the lives of others.


Once that power is awaken it will always be.


In this seminar we will understand how to align to our truth, connect with our inner wisdom and deepest desires, understand the different levels of consciousness and how through healing we can found our way back to our inner power as women where our sexual power resides.


As we will be understanding all the belief systems we have intergrating we will learn how standing in our power feels, how creating a spiritual practice will help us connect that divinity within us giving us the strength to transmute any pain and hurt to finally be able to create a life, business, intimacy were we will be standing in our power.