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How can you move to the next level ?

We all have feminine energy and masculine energy inside of us.

Our collective purpose today is to find harmony inside and out between our ability to receive and our ability to give.

Because we have created a very unbalanced ungrounded masculine society, we are all seeking to reconnect with our feminine energy and find balance and grounding within our masculine energy.

Letting go of seperation consciousness will enable us to understand ourselves more and bring our inner feminine and inner masculine in union and perfect harmony. So we can experience that harmony and abundance outside of us.

Everything in your life right now that you are unhappy with, fearful or ashamed of is a blessing in disguise because it is showing you where inside of yourself you can bring more love.

I am not going to lie, I can be a perfectionist and I've been soothing that part of me a lot lately because as much as I want to get to my goals, dreams and aspirations, nature has her own timing and being respectful of that the same way I desire to be respectful of my body is important to me more than moving forward too quickly.

Yes we can try to bypass, manifest intentionally, play with nature, manipulate energy to get what we WANT, but what we deeply desire, we will never get until we truly open our hearts and go through the healing & feeling, the depth of ourselves each time.

We can lie to ourselves if we want but the Universe will always see through us and right through our hearts. And will always give us what we are able to receive. This is when we get frustrated because we don't see things manifesting yet.

So as much as it can be frustrating sometimes. When you feel frustrated. Understand this.

Being respectful to Mother Earth and your body's ability to heal is the greatest act of love you can take. There is so much we are often not aware of that we need to learn to become the container capable of receiving what we desire deep down. And often we are not even sure of what we truly desire, until the Universe shows it to us.

So when you want to use outside sources to make your healing go faster, or bypass feeling think twice : only through the discomfort, the fire, will you find your true liberation.

Everything else is either an illusion or a distraction.

Yet again we are human. So you have to bring compassion & forgiveness towards yourself. It's ok to be human and to be tired, to not like discomfort. It's absolutely human to seek comfort. That's why we are never alone and can give our burdens to the universe, to our guides, to the ascended masters and all beings assisting us. This is exactly why we have such amazing guardian angels around us, and our soul family here on Earth. All those different aspects and expressions of God, support there to give us a break, and assist us on this journey.

So instead of being either frustrated, or angry with yourself, give yourself a break. Talk to your guides, talk to PatchaMama, your crystals, stones, cards, God, Deity, pray and ask for help and comfort. Go outside for a walk, for a session of yoga, relaxing with music. Bring in fun, pleasure and nurture your soul with all the LOVE available already to you.

Trust the divine plan. Trust the discomfort and move through it the best way you can.

Celebrate yourself, forgive yourself when you need, comfort, soothe and love yourself unconditionally.

And open your arms to your next chapter