Holistic : adj. Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. (Oxford language)


Mother Earth

We all cope differently with trauma but food is one of many coping mechanisms for emotional discomfort and distress. Creating a new connection with our bodies and healing trauma shows us how we actually can dialogue with our body and mind, and collaborate to nurture ourselves the best we can intuitively without controlling it.

Our natural state is a state of flowing. Coming back to our true nature enables us to live in happinness and the present moment. Knowing that everything is a process. This is why support is essential on your journey.

NURTURING the soul


How our relationship with food reflects our relationship with oneself?


In the society we live in today food is very much in the center of our lives. Today the food industry is one of the



wealthiest industry.


From TV to Internet, advertisements for food are omnipotent.


Adding to that our relationship to love starts as new born babies with being fed by our mothers.


On a cultural level food becomes a way to connect within a family, with friends or co-workers.


So it's incredible how our relationship to food reflects our upbringing, our current mental state and our


connection with our inner being.


Our way of interacting with food shows our deep desires sometimes to connect with our creativity, to fuel our


soul, to connect with our truth. Sometimes we attempt to feel safe when we binge eat as we are being


triggered, or when we stop eating a desire to control and feel in control, a way to detach from something


painful and cope with trauma.


Our relationship to food reflects our relationship to nurturing and how we nurture ourselves and care for


ourselves as much as what is healing and going on on the subconscious level.



Intuitive eating is about reconnecting to our emotions, finding safety within and creating a new way of


dialoguing with our bodies, to break through trauma and create a trusting relationship again between the body


and the mind.




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