The 3 Pillars of Healing


Holistic : adj. Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. (Oxford language)

the body

Today our disconnection with our bodies became really complex and challenging to manage. Reconnecting with


who we are and our highest potential starts with reconnecting with our emotions. 




Our emotions are information and data that connects us to our our internal guidance system. Within our


emotional body and etheric bodies lies our experiences, karmic contracts, trauma and our soul's purpose. 



Waking up our internal guidance system awakens our intuition and emotions to unlearn our programming and


re-learn to feel our way through life again.



Our confidence comes from that deep rooted connection with our bodies who are here to help us transmute


energy, integrate energy and create in the physical world our greatest visions.


Emotional intelligence allows us to become observers of those data transporters and truly experience our


emotions on another level of consciousness to not become our emotions anymore yet rising above them to


welcome the information given to us for our expansion.


the soul



As souls having a human experience in this world, trauma occurs and extremely difficult experiences occurs. Our


brains, our emotional bodies and etheric bodies are extremely complex. Understanding how to self-heal is


crucial to be able to embody our highest expression. Understanding how to disarm our coping mechanisms due


to trauma, revisiting our past to heal it will allow us to discover our karmic destiny and soul's purpose.  



Healing our unconscious and subconscious minds allows us to step in our biggest potential for expansion and




The process of self-healing is correlated to the process of our growth as human beings and spiritual beings on


this Earth. When we can dive into deeper waters of our beings, through the process of soul retrieval we are then


able to bring back parts of ourselves stuck in other timelines to embody more and more of our higher selves in


the physical. 


Through self-healing, we heal and regenerate on a cellular level, our DNA codes change as we rewire our


emotional, physical and psychological response to our environment. 



Our spiritual ascension and healing process is a real physical experience we can truly appreciate as we are


guided towards our liberation from our limitations, fears and trauma.

Self-healing happens on the physical body, the etheric body and the emotional body.

Through healing our different energy centers we slowly understand how to realign our mind, body and soul.


The mind



Our mind can become our ally and not our enemy. By learning how we work, and training our awareness


muscle, we become aware of our thoughts, emotions and patterns. As we connect back to our inner guidance


system, to our higher consciousness and collective wisdom & knowledge we open the gates to our infinite


expansion as spiritual beings to transform, transmute and raise the vibration of our planet.


Through our spiritual practice, training our self-healing ability and our emotional intelligence, we can expand


our abilities and gifts, taping in our most authentic and truest potential. Understanding our empathetic,


telepathic and psychic abilities, our connection with the invisible world, our connection with oneness, mastering


the art of non judgement, forgiveness to become a match to our abundance through making sense of the


puzzle of our karmic destiny and our purpose here in this life. 


To be the bridge between our mind, body and soul, the above and the below, grounding our infinite light.

Shine your light


When we understand that our power eminates from within, we then become the center of our universe again.


We then welcome the challenges with open arms knowing that every single obstacle is here as a lesson of self


love not seeking for the proof of our unworthiness or the accuracy of our fears anymore.

We let our divine essence emerge from within. Through resistance we find our breakthrough and the


opportunity to blossom & shine.

Connecting back to our emotions and our inner beings enables us to awaken our true power of sovereignty on


our life, embody & spread who we are out into the world.

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