The 3 pillars
Holistic Therapy

Holistic : adj. Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. (Oxford language)


The body is the physical manifestation of our subconscious mind (emotions and intuition). Healing the body means learning how to tune in the body, meaning tuning in the present moment. Meditation enables you to do that. There are many ways to attain a meditative state and access your subconscious mind such as yoga, art, breathe work, journaling, exercising, writing down your dreams, dancing or sitting down in presence. Usually movement is often helpful to calm the mind and access the present moment. How you meditate isn't important at all, what is important is to find your unique way to access your subconscious mind. In the present moment lies all the information you need to heal and move forward on your divine path.


When you have trauma and negative entities attached to you, the mind will usually be distracted and/or highjacked by the survival part of our brain. Resulting in overthinking, over focusing on a specific issue, becoming confused and consumed by thoughts. Meditation requires training for the mind (cf. below) but is essential to your healing journey and living your life everyday in your power.

Connecting and communing with your body means connecting with your emotions and stored data from many lifetimes. Healing trauma requires presence to face those emotions, release them and integrate your true self. This allow you to connect back with your needs and desires and understand yourself deeper (create a very deep bond).


The way we treat our body, your needs & desires affects the way we feel mentally & emotionally. Imbalance in the body will show up in mental and physical illnesses or imbalances, such as mental health issues (depression, anxiety, rage, psychosis, hallucinations, paranoïa, etc...), physical injuries, illnesses, chronic illnesses, hormonal issues, emotional distress, stress...). This is why having a daily regular meditative practice is essential to start building that connection with yourself.



On a more quantum physic level, your body has many invisible components which influences her wellbeing. According to Physicist & Author Barbara Ann Brennan, we have our physical bodies (physical, emotional & mental), our astral body and spiritual bodies (etheric , celestial & ketheric) and our twelves auric fields.  This is why physical and mental illnesses are not always the result of a bad diet, bad habits or childhood trauma. Physical and mental distress or illness can be bloodline related and have spiritual causes rooted in past lives. Every single traumatic experiences you had as a soul through your different life times, unlearned lessons and in your family line are encoded in your cells. Neuroplasticity shows us today how malleable our brains/bodies are if we find the right way to rewire ourselves. With the understanding of how wide we are as beings, we open our minds on deeper healing. Maybe your trigger comes from a time in your life where you were a soldier fighting for his life, or maybe in your family dark entities (negative chatter & low self esteem) or depression has been passed on since your great grandmother. And we have the power to regress that far in time and access informations we need because even if we are not consciously aware of it, they are encoded in our cells. Know that you have the power to break cycles and patterns from your family bloodline, this life and past lives and change the direction of your life.


This is what I understand as the SOUL level of healing. As a soul you have been in many different bodies, experienced a range of situations AND are here to learn how to embody LOVE to ascend that can take you many re-incarnation until you clear your karma, embody & honour your specific dharma (purpose) and ascend. 


We all have a specific purpose here on Earth with specific God given gifts and it's about moving through healing to unlock it. In modern medicine everything is divided and isolated from each other with the denial of the importance of spiritual healing. Holistic Therapy is about interconnecting back all those different levels of our human experience and including the spiritual level of healing. Holistic therapy is about understanding deeply that we are bigger than just what the physical eye can see.


Our greatest ally became our greatest enemy today. The way that our minds have been purposely programmed goes against any spiritual ascension to the point that being present is such a hard task for us when it should be second nature. Healing the mind means rewiring our minds to not resist anymore our natural state of being : Present. And this starts by training your mind to get use to the uncomfortable and to healing instead of running away from it. We have many distractions helping us escape the present moment : Work, The Health and physical appearance race, entertainment, Ambition, Money, Drugs, Alcohol, Partying, Social pressure and so on. 


Learning to consciously make the right choices for your healing and spiritual expansion requires a solid and disciplined mind and to unlearn (by repetition) your beliefs & learn new perspectives. And this starts with including meditation (includes : journaling, yoga, movement etc.) in your life and making it a solid habit so that you solidify and expand your connection with yourself and train your mind to make that switch from without to WITHIN. 

Still on the Mind level, there are two qualities you NEED to Master if you desire to HEAL and Manifest your desires : PATIENCE & RESILIENCE. Some of us will master it through our experiences others will struggle until the end of their life nevertheless, patience and resilience are your greatest allies to embrace healing and manifest your desires. Without them you'll put your mind at risk to be highjacked by dark entities, doubts, fear and will put yourself in a very vulnerable place where you'll be easily influenced by this world, ending up sabotaging or making the wrong decisions and going against what is best & destined for you.

Your mind is your greatest ally to heal and face your trapped emotions. A well trained and disciplined mind will help you embrace your healing quicker and more efficiently, manifest incredibly rapidly and create consistent growth & expansion.


In self development we have understood that so well, now it's about putting our focus and energy in the right place. Not hustling anymore but mastering PRESENCE.



Beyond your mind, your body and all the many layers of your being, you are that sparkle of awareness. You are that LOVE your feel when you connect with beauty, that gives you chills on your body when you are moved. And that LOVE is what guides you and gives you that strength when you feel completely drained and empty. You are bigger than your mind or body. 

And you came her for a SPECIFIC and UNIQUE purpose. Yes we ALL came here for DIFFERENT things. There is no one exactly LIKE YOU. So give yourself the gift of discovering what you really came here for.