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CCH Group Therapy

5 Months Group Therapy

Live group Therapy sessions every week

Comprehensive Program (Abundantia Course)

Practical Homework every week

Private WhatsApp group chat & support

Free Access Bi-monthly Sisterhood Circles 

CCH Group Therapy program is a live comprehensive program for you to integrate ALL the ressources you need to Master self-healing aka LIFE.

Choosing CCH group therapy is a deep journey of integration of all the resources and tools you need to move through your self healing journey aka LIFE with confidence.


Those tools will follow you for your entire lives (not just this one 🤩 ) here on Earth, and will take you only ONE 5 months investment and then you will be DONE. 🎉 

Once you take my group therapy program once you do not have to take it twice!


During sessions
Group Psychotherapy
Soul retrieval work
Guided meditations
Reiki healing
Spiritual guidance & channeling
In between Sessions
Access to Abundantia Online Training + Practical homework
Private WhatsApp Group Chat & support
FREE ACCESS to bi-monthly Sisterhood Circles
FREE ACCESS to Private Facebook Group

What to expect from CCH Group Therapy Program ?

Coaching Program Summary

Week 1

The unconscious mind and the body

Week 4

Coping Mechanisms part 1

Week 7

Channeling emotions & purging


Cell regeneration & integration

Week 13

Sadness and Grief


Channeling healing energy for you and others

Week 19

Living a conscious life

Week 2

Building your meditation practice 

Week 5

Coping Mechanisms part 2

Week 8

Creating your sacred container

Week 11

Female hormonal cycle & cosmic energies

Week 14

Processing despair, powerlessness and trauma

Week 17

The Chakra System

Week 20


Week 3

Understanding trauma

Week 6

Understanding triggers

Week 9

Whole food nutrition

Week 12

Processing anger

Week 15

The Cycle of Healing

Week 18

The Aura

Handdrawn Circle Logo-2_edited_edited.png

You are a beautiful being of light, 
allow the universe to spoil you !

Everything you need to fully embrace your purpose with deep unwavering confidence ❤️  

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