"Our state of being is rooted in love and love is the absence of judgement." 

Chloé Tremor Cordero is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Transformational Coach and Reiki Healer.

Born in NYC raised in Belgium, after her communication and psychology studies Chloe decided to leave to solo travel and build her business as a Certified Transformational Nutritional Coach. A few turning points, and spiritual experiences led Chloe to study the power of the subconscious mind, self development and energy healing like leaving a 6 year abusive relationship, discovering meditation in a buddhist center, going on her own healing journey, experiencing a kundalini awakening and learning from amazing medicine women & shamans from different parts of the world. 


Today Chloe aspires to guide women through breaking free from TRAUMA & FEAR to regain their POWER. 



Chloe is like magic. She does something that is hard to describe but her gift is energy healing. Whenever I speak to her I feel immense love & healing. It's like all of my blocks have been cleared. I experience this for days after which enables me to take the steps I need to take to grow & step into my truth. Thank you Chloe for what you do & who you are. You are magic send to us from God herself. X

Victoria Kleinsmann Food Freedom and Confidence Coach, Germany


"I could sing praises all day of Chloe. I have no doubt that she is well on her way to becoming a master healer. She has wisdom beyond her years and her welcoming energy is inviting and comforting. One of her greatest gifts is her ability to see you as you were meant to be and lift you up to get you on that path. In the short amount of time that I’ve worked with Chloe, she was able to accurately pinpoint my last remaining soul wound that needed tending to. This was something that I was already aware of, but the fact the she was able to call it out so clearly and quick was truly amazing to witness. Not only was it inspiring to see her in action, she also made me feel completely comfortable with talking out why this has been a lingering issue. As she continues to step into her gifts and hones her craft, I have no doubt that she will become one of the brightest lights this world has to offer and I am honored to know her. " 

Rhianna S., California,  USA

"Working with Chloe was one of the best decisions I made for my  business. Within our 6 weeks together, I’ve had tremendous positive growth & insights not just for business but spiritually as well. Not only did Chloe help me pinpoint my unique superpowers & how to create my coaching business around it but she also helped me navigate through challenging spiritual growth cycles with precision, intuitive guidance & understanding. I felt seen,heard & very supported the whole way through. If you’re looking for clear guidance through your business & spiritual journey, Chloe is your coach."

                                                Denise Alamo, Texas, USA


"Chloe has been such a gift in my life, I truly can't thank her enough for her guidance and "old soul" wisdom. She has such a genuinely loving, joyful, and grounded energy about her that instantly made me feel so comfortable & feel like I have known her forever. Her incredible intuitive gifts helped guide me into discovering what my deep soul purpose is during my time here, which is something I've never felt totally clear about. The knowing I have now, thanks to Chloe, feels SO freeing & liberating. And every time I get to speak with her, the amazing energy she gives off makes me feel like I can change the world!! If you have the opportunity to work with her, do not pass it up, it will change your life!" 

Jennifer Bohn , California,  USA

"Chloe is a beautiful soul whose utmost desire is to see her clients reach their highest potential. She will champion you forward with understanding, encouraging words and a smile"

Jessie Interiano, Families Inc Counselling services, USA


"I am so grateful and honored to have had the experience of working with Chloe. She has such an amazing energy and that helped create a safe place for me be myself. Chloe helped bring clarity to certain challenges and circumstances in my life. Her insights and observations helped me understand more about my life’s path. I am still uncovering so much after my session with her. I definitely recommend her services for someone who wants some healing or even to discover yourself! :-)" 

Miles H. Oman Transformational Coach, USA

I had the pleasure to get a card reading from Chloe! She is such a warm-hearted and wise woman. She read my energy and did the card reading live... And she nailed it! The information was on point and really let me look forward to a bright future! That gave me strength to go forward and keep doing my work! Thank you so much Chloe!!! You are great!

Anna Milchrahm, Healer and Business Founder of Herzlichtwege , Germany


Chloe Cordero is a magical being. I was at the right time at the right moment to receive last full moon reading from her and it was absolutely revealing. Having her no information about me and without meeting before, she gave me precise informacion that was full of sense with what I am living, and that helped me a lot in taking the right decisions. I'm so gratefull with you Chloe!! All the best for you and your healing path!! THANK YOU!! 

Nacho, Uruguay