About me

My passion : Creating bridges

Being half american and french as well as having traveled a lot from the US, Canada, Africa and Europe made me realise how much people love French and how much we need french.

Living in Paris for a year taught me so much. And one of the things I discovered was the huge community of expats living, studying and working there and desperately wanting to learn french but never finding the right time to actually sit down and revise their vocabulary or communication skills.

And I would ask them if they had some french friends that could help them to practice during the week or weekends. But often I felt that even though they had the motivation communicating with french speakers was still difficult. Even for the most fluent ones.

I finally understood why : the culture

French culture is a part of the language. And because French like english is spoken in so many countries, each country has its own expressions and accent. And as simple as it sounds, in order for you to understand how to communicate in French you absolutely need to understand how the culture works. Learning vocabulary and grammar is the foundation but we all need to speak more to understand each other.

So practicing hearing and speaking is the deepest way to become fluent. And unlike the common belief today immersing yourself in a country isn't going to make your language better unless you go out of your comfort zone and force yourself to interact. And not all of us are extraverts.

That's why I decided to be that person you can pratice speaking, writing, and understanding French culture with. To help you get the hold on the fundamental principles of this language, and be able from navigating through the words and creating sentences to communicating fluently. But most importantly you will be able to choose between Belgian French and French of France. Your pick!


Hi there !


I'm Chloé a native french speaker and tutor who studied information, communication, sociology and linguistic in Belgium. I have more than 2 years of experience tutoring english speakers of all ages.

  • June-September 2017 : Camp Counselor, French immersion program Maine, USA

  • 2 years experience tutoring online and face to face both french and english speakers of all age, Brussels, Paris, Singapour and Canada.

  • 1 year living in Paris, bilingual assitant receptionist for ESA (European Space Agency)

  • 3 years Information and communication, sociology and linguistic studies, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

  • 1 year Art, History of Art and philosophy,  Brussels Belgium